Friday, September 19, 2008

Your surfing where?

As I have come to know the surfing world I have been intrigued by the names of surf spots. It's part of the insiders lingo at each new coastal spot. Some are self explanitory and others are well.. a legendary story! I found this article through the honolulu advrastiser explaining some of the names of breaks on Oahu.

Do you know how these beaches got their names?

(image from Jonathan Canlas)

(image from Ashley Moffat)

Personally, my favorite story is about the break called gums in between Pipeline and Ehukai. Apparently an old man surfed his longboard there in the 70's and "During a particularly bad wipeout, the man's longboard knocked out his dentures — and he never replaced them.

"So he would surf there without any teeth, just his gums," recalled Randy Rarick, veteran surfer and contest promoter. "And that's how it got named."

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Jonna and Dan said...

hahaha that is to funny! I like this post a lot!