Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wooden dolls

My friend Meg made the cutest fabric doll house with these little wooden dolls inside. I do say, such a well priced etsy item, I hate when the pricing isn't right... does that happen to you on Etsy?

I want to order some and paint them all up!

if you like these dolls but don't want to paint them yourself you can custom order here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

North Shore Market

There was an orchid lady with the most beautiful orchids, one in particular that smelled sooo good.

leaf pendants ...

The North Shore Country Market is every Saturday morning at Sunset Elementary School, on the North Shore of Oahu. We went the other day and it was so great. Lots of clever vendors and fresh produce. Some highlights were... a food vendor with solar panels powering his smoothie blenders, glass mustache's as a necklace pendant, beautiful jewelry by a woman who says she's going to start an etsy shop ( I got a leaf pendant that is an actual leaf dipped in some kind of metal, it looks like lace! ) I just love these kind of markets, it's my goal to support them a little better

Thursday, April 23, 2009

happy belated earth day

i had this great idea that i was going to make some re-usable shopping bags and do a giveaway here on earth day. but, i have not finished them yet. maybe next week?but seriously, plastic bags are the devil! the other day one wrapped around my foot when i was out surfing san-o and i thought it was seaweed so i played with it for a while. then i looked down and saw it was a bag and was so bummed! i have bought a few of the 99 cent reusable bags at places like trader joes (which are extra cool because they are made from recycled bottles) and try to remember to bring them with me when i shop. it makes me feel good that i can make a little bit of a difference and cut down on some waste. it's the little things that we all do that add up and can make a difference- right? if you would like, 30 ways to make reusable grocery bags can be found here.

also, some earth day eye candy can be viewed at the rrr ezine, created in honor of mother earth herself. the printed version will be available soon and proceeds will go to surfrider.

and one last earth friendly tip that i just read-
turn off the lights and shower with a friend.

happy earth day, everyday!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


the artery is a 8' by 40' shipping container turned walk through art gallery located at the lab in costa mesa, california. don't believe me? look:
who ever came up with this concept is a genius. anyways, they showcase local artist work and for the month of april their show is we-me-us- 4 friends showing their art, for the sake of showing their art.
danielle petach
sophie st-onge
lindsay dorey
megan brainard-villa

i am not sure why, but i really like looking at art. i love seeing other peoples creativity and have that inspire you to want to do something yourself. which would explain why a week can't go by without me posting some sort of art on here- i hope the things we post make you want to get out and make something beautiful!
once again- it's 4 girls, 4 styles of art, and only a handful more days to see it. if your around costa mesa before the month of april expires, go take a look-see!

Monday, April 20, 2009

native honey

last week i had the pleasure of reconnecting with an old friend- which is a joy in itself, but the best part was learning about her new company, native honey, that she and her cousin started. they design some super hip bags (as well as some jewelry) that are amazing. i am not really a purse type person and am very picky about bags but i love their stuff.
native honey bags are made from fabric remnants so no two bags are the same:
"The inspiration for their first luxury handbag came from rummaging through trash to find treasures, and was designed from remnants. That tradition continues today, and each Native Honey product is uniquely handmade from recycled fabric remnants. Each piece combines the simplicity, practicality and homemade textures of the desert with the vibrant colors, rhythmic mayhem and urban luxury of the coast."

i love their belief of "doing all you can with what you have" and the fact that the bags are made of fabric remnants that would other wise be unused is super cool. the bags are really soft, well made and fell great on your shoulder!

go ahead, check out their website, i promise you will find something you like. and if you do (i personally love the original and canvas tumbleweed) take 20% off when you purchase online with the coupon code: summerlovin20%
hooray for discounts!

Friday, April 17, 2009


so... threadless has a lot of great T's and I think you should go look. It's genius how it all works... go there to figure it all out but basically you can submit designs and vote on one's that you like then they print the most popular designs.

***so funny for a kid.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have one of these kits, and if the sun is out today I will use it.  Has anyone out there made sun prints before?  any tips?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

please can this happen to me one day....

if this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will. does everyone out there want this to happen to them? or is it just me....

Friday, April 10, 2009

easter treats- project peepway

sorry to bore you with another youtube, but this one is just too good not to share:

happy easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

dear and yonder

i could write a whole lot about how cool the new girls surf movie coming out this summer from tiffany campbell (thomas campbell's wife) but i won't.  if a picture is worth a thousand words i will let these speak for me:
just one more reason to look forward to summer.
*photos from the the dear and yonder site 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

but let's not get ahead of ourselves

it's still spring and spring means flowers.
i was just drooling over the small stump blog and fell in love with these birch bark tubes that you can use as vases- or pencil holders or whatever your heart desires.  i think they are lovely.
*photos from the small stump blog, if you love flowers you will love love love her posts lately.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

summer is on it's way...

which means your gonna be in the water a lot- right?  and if you or your kids are anything like me, i usually get at least one ear infection.  which sucks.  it's painful, no one likes to make trips to the dr and even worse, you have to stay out of the water.  a few years ago, after one such excruciating ear infection my aunt, who was a lifeguard at san clemente and has 5 lil water babies, told me about wally's ear oil.  so i thought i might tell you about it too. 
it's an all natural oil that you can use to relieve pain in your ears.  whenever i start to feel like i am getting an ear infection or have any ear pain i use it and feel much better.  it has never let me down!
wally's can be found at GNC and other health food stores for about $10.  last time i was at GNC to buy some, they had a buy one get one free!  wally's also makes ear candles which are always fun to do at the end of summer to see how much of the beach you have been toting around with you.  and i just noticed the itch-away oil, i will have to pick some of that up when we get back out to hawaii, for some reason mosquitoes love my sugary blood.

*just one little warning, you might not want to sleep on your best pillow case after you have used the drops, they have garlic in them and will make them smell (but it will wash out)! 

Monday, April 6, 2009


list makers of the world unite.
i am one of those people who have lists everywhere- groceries, things to do, funny things my girls say, places i want to visit.... so many lists!  so when i saw the cover of the listography book on the daytrip website i had to look into it.  so i did, and lost myself on the internet for yet another huge chunk of precious time, but the idea of a book dedicated to lists! wow!   and on their rad website (you can join or free!) you can make oodles and oodles of lists and read others lists- double wow.  i know this may be old news to some, but i am hooked!  

i also love the idea of their kids book:
luke (that would be my husband) has a dr.seuss book that was a fill in the blanks book from when he was 8, it is so fun to read and see the world through his eyes at a young age.  i want my girls to do something like this for sure!

Friday, April 3, 2009

bunny cake

Go to Betty Crocker's little web site for directions to make this cake. It is very simple and especially fun to make. You only need two round cakes... and well, follow the directions from there.

(here's a tip my aunt Kris taught me, when your making a box cake mix use milk instead of water, and really whip the batter with a mixer for about 2 minutes. It really does make a better cake)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

good to know...

this is a quick tutorial, go look at it. I was making knots in thread the same way she was, (roll it on your finger and create a messy ball of thread, is that what you were doing?) but not anymore.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

on the subject of shaka's...

here is a tid bit on the many types of shaka's. This clip from Thomas Campbell's Sprout, is great.