Thursday, April 23, 2009

happy belated earth day

i had this great idea that i was going to make some re-usable shopping bags and do a giveaway here on earth day. but, i have not finished them yet. maybe next week?but seriously, plastic bags are the devil! the other day one wrapped around my foot when i was out surfing san-o and i thought it was seaweed so i played with it for a while. then i looked down and saw it was a bag and was so bummed! i have bought a few of the 99 cent reusable bags at places like trader joes (which are extra cool because they are made from recycled bottles) and try to remember to bring them with me when i shop. it makes me feel good that i can make a little bit of a difference and cut down on some waste. it's the little things that we all do that add up and can make a difference- right? if you would like, 30 ways to make reusable grocery bags can be found here.

also, some earth day eye candy can be viewed at the rrr ezine, created in honor of mother earth herself. the printed version will be available soon and proceeds will go to surfrider.

and one last earth friendly tip that i just read-
turn off the lights and shower with a friend.

happy earth day, everyday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Earth Day!

All of us should do our part to save our planet.

Here is an artistic animated ecard for Earth Day, Blue Planet. It is an underwater production completely with many reef fishes, a turtle, a ray and dolphins.

It is free to send and to spread the important message of saving our planet.

Melissa said...

okay how did that person leave a link in a comment!? I don't know how to d that.

and I like the tip to shower with a friend! lol

The Trotter Family said...

Ha ha! That last little tip usually leads to more little people, so that might be counter active! As for the earth day bags, I have a friend of mine that works for a fashion school and they took two pieces of parchment paper and put a trash bag in between. Then they used an iron to fuse the pieces all together and they were able to use it like a fabric and make bags out of it. Pretty cool huh?