Monday, April 20, 2009

native honey

last week i had the pleasure of reconnecting with an old friend- which is a joy in itself, but the best part was learning about her new company, native honey, that she and her cousin started. they design some super hip bags (as well as some jewelry) that are amazing. i am not really a purse type person and am very picky about bags but i love their stuff.
native honey bags are made from fabric remnants so no two bags are the same:
"The inspiration for their first luxury handbag came from rummaging through trash to find treasures, and was designed from remnants. That tradition continues today, and each Native Honey product is uniquely handmade from recycled fabric remnants. Each piece combines the simplicity, practicality and homemade textures of the desert with the vibrant colors, rhythmic mayhem and urban luxury of the coast."

i love their belief of "doing all you can with what you have" and the fact that the bags are made of fabric remnants that would other wise be unused is super cool. the bags are really soft, well made and fell great on your shoulder!

go ahead, check out their website, i promise you will find something you like. and if you do (i personally love the original and canvas tumbleweed) take 20% off when you purchase online with the coupon code: summerlovin20%
hooray for discounts!

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Melissa said...

haha! I just read like the last 20 posts. The bikini making girl is lame, however I liked her sewing skills. That was impressive.
The new knot is so exciting and much more predictable. The roll knot is hit or miss.
oh and the ear oil stuff is pretty much awesome! I am so excited about that since Chad and his whole family get ear issues a lot.

awesome stuff!