Tuesday, April 7, 2009

summer is on it's way...

which means your gonna be in the water a lot- right?  and if you or your kids are anything like me, i usually get at least one ear infection.  which sucks.  it's painful, no one likes to make trips to the dr and even worse, you have to stay out of the water.  a few years ago, after one such excruciating ear infection my aunt, who was a lifeguard at san clemente and has 5 lil water babies, told me about wally's ear oil.  so i thought i might tell you about it too. 
it's an all natural oil that you can use to relieve pain in your ears.  whenever i start to feel like i am getting an ear infection or have any ear pain i use it and feel much better.  it has never let me down!
wally's can be found at GNC and other health food stores for about $10.  last time i was at GNC to buy some, they had a buy one get one free!  wally's also makes ear candles which are always fun to do at the end of summer to see how much of the beach you have been toting around with you.  and i just noticed the itch-away oil, i will have to pick some of that up when we get back out to hawaii, for some reason mosquitoes love my sugary blood.

*just one little warning, you might not want to sleep on your best pillow case after you have used the drops, they have garlic in them and will make them smell (but it will wash out)! 

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