Tuesday, April 21, 2009


the artery is a 8' by 40' shipping container turned walk through art gallery located at the lab in costa mesa, california. don't believe me? look:
who ever came up with this concept is a genius. anyways, they showcase local artist work and for the month of april their show is we-me-us- 4 friends showing their art, for the sake of showing their art.
danielle petach
sophie st-onge
lindsay dorey
megan brainard-villa

i am not sure why, but i really like looking at art. i love seeing other peoples creativity and have that inspire you to want to do something yourself. which would explain why a week can't go by without me posting some sort of art on here- i hope the things we post make you want to get out and make something beautiful!
once again- it's 4 girls, 4 styles of art, and only a handful more days to see it. if your around costa mesa before the month of april expires, go take a look-see!


liko said...

just headed on over here and looked around. i love it! i had no idea that that girls surfer movie was coming out. and i really liked that youtube sound of music bit katie posted. and that girl who sewed the bikini and i have something in common: we both sew with our tops off! whod've thunk? hehe, totally kidding. doug donated his single fabric patch he got outta his mag to my scrap collection. it reminds me of the eighties. anyways, i'll probably be checing this place out more often. good work, ashley. and i miss you gals.

katie speed said...

is the lab also called the anti mall?

ashley said...

yeah it is! it's sort of a cool place, but sort of lame too! ha!