Friday, August 14, 2009

fabric love

hi my name is ashley and i am an addict.

i have developed a fabric addiction. this is a fairly common thing among crafters/sewers. fortunately (for my husband who funds my crafting ADD habits), i am more of a looker than a buyer. but in this case, i am going to bite the bullet and make a fairly large purchase soon.

what will i be buying you might ask?
the tula pink neptune collection. it's, well, see for yourself:

the anchors and chains, life preservers, koi fish, mermaid scales, and undersea scape.  ohhh, i am in love.  now i need to decide which fabrics to buy and what to make.

and how cool is tula? check out her surfboard art.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

ohhhh all the anchor prints especially- i looooove!

i wonder if these will become the new heather ross? i am remembering how everyone was all over that. and with good reason. these are similarly awesome. i love it.

liko said...

i see turtles!!

yeah, i fell in love with heather ross' mendocino because of you, and i think i love this one, too!!

hopefully i can just be satisfied looking, but who am i kidding?!

heidi said...

oh wow i likey! glad i finally found this blog again...
where did you see these at?