Friday, September 18, 2009

recycled paper gift wrap

love the idea of using recycled paper to wrap gifts. i have been using brown paper bags (because i have forgotten my reusable bags lately, boo) to wrap gifts lately. the idea of using more recycled paper to decorate the wrapping job sounded and looked so fun! this was on design sponge a while ago. i thought we would give it a try for a birthday part that we are going to today.
. brown paper wrapping
sometimes, crafting with the rugrats turns out different than you envisioned...
wrapped by a 3 year old
but she was happy with it and had so much fun drawing happy faces, cutting them out, and glueing them to the present. i love how it turned out and will have to try the other method later- when she is asleep of course.


liko said...

so cute. and i'm all about re-using!!

J,D and Little B said...

GREAT ideas... I love using brown paper and those little circles are a good addition! Thanks!

stef j. said...

LOVE recycled paper. love it!