Monday, October 12, 2009

handmade halloween

This year I was very excited to make Indie's halloween costume. I thought and thought about what she should be. Then I decided that since she LOVES the water, and one of her first words was fish, a fish is what she should be! I made her her very own trick or treating bag. I know it is not halloweenish at all, but it goes with her costume.
I made her costume out of cotton and felt. I created a simple cotton dress base, then sewed on a felt hood with eyes, felt scales and a felt tail. 
I hope she will wear the hood at least a little, but I am not counting on it.
Happy Halloween!
What are your kids going to be this Halloween?


katie speed said...

so cute! and she can use the bag year round.

J,D and Little B said...

LOVE it!!!!

ashley said...

velzy just saw this and wants ivy to be a fish now!
great work, as usual!

Jared Zane, Anna Christine and Delmer said...

Soso cute! Delmer is gonna be a sock monkey. I can't wait!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

ahhh! i love it! amby's gonna be a robot- we just found the right sized box and i am working on making up a Pinocchio pattern for asher. we will see!

liko said...

she makes a very cute fish!!

and i want a bag like that!

faith's gonna be snow white (an old hand-me-down homemade costume)i was prepared to sew her the witch costume she was asking for, but as soon as she laid eyes on the snow white dress, that was it. now i can focus on making malik's -- an army man. i asked them what they wanted to be and that's what they said. so original, huh? whatever makes em happy, right?

and i want me and doug to dress up, too, but not sure what...