Friday, March 27, 2009


Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Now that my girls are old enough to dye eggs (read: throw them in bowls of dye and crack them) i appreciate beautiful eggs that people have taken time to create.
last year we had an adults only egg dying night and it was a blast, our eggs turned out great- it's amazing the things you can create when your kids are sleeping! i am really looking forward to dying eggs this year so thought i would visit auntie martha for some fresh inspiration to prepare for this years egg dyeing event. and of course, she did not let me down. here are my faves:

these last ones are made with old postage stamps. seriously, who thinks these things up? they are amazing! i hope these pics inspire you to get out your old panty hose, rubber bands, bees wax, postage stamps, olive oil, crayons, rubber cement, stickers, lace, tissue paper and/or mod podge and get creative this easter season!

all eggs photos and easy to follow and recreate directions can be found here.

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becky said...

Love it. Thanks Ash.