Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"i love dirt"

i almost walked past this book on display. but, i stopped mid-step and picked it up. i think it is my new favorite. you see, i have this fear of children who love video games more than sunshine, bugs, sand, and getting dirty, so it's right up my ally.  a book of ideas for you and yours to get outside and have some fun? genious.
but you don't have to take my word for it, one reviewer stated:
"I LOVE DIRT! is a perfect book for parents, teachers or anyone who cares about children and nature. A nature-lover herself, Jennifer Ward has done an excellent job creating a collection of fun, interactive ways for children everywhere to connect with nature and combat the growing negative impact of sedentary, indoor lifestyles on our youth."
thank you jennifer ward, i am your new biggest fan.
it's spring, get outside and enjoy yourself some dirt!


Anna K. said...

Cool! I love dirt! That sounds like a fun book

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

nice! i'll have to check this out- i too have the same fear but so far it doesnt seem to be a problem since i try and get him to watch a movie so i can get something done around the house and he begs to go outside and acts like i am punishing him! haha... i say i want one thing and do another. oh man. :)