Saturday, March 14, 2009

the present

thursday night i had the pleasure of going to the premier of thomas campbell's newest film "the present" at the lido theater in newport beach.  there is something about watching a surf movie on the big screen that makes it one hundred times better, then add hundreds of surf stoked fans hooting and hollering and having a grand time and the movie comes to life. thomas is one of my favorite directors, his previous movies (the seedling and sprout) are two of my all time favorites. the present was different from his previous films in that it was a bit more progressive but did not disappoint. i loved the section of guys riding alaia boards and it was good to see girls ripping in indo. check out chelsea's first wave on the trailer:
the movie will be touring the country for the next few months- check thomas' website here if locations and dates, sorry islanders, they aren't coming out there (boo).

(feel free check out my blog for more details and a few pictures from the premier).

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katie speed said...

why can't they come to the islands? wasnt surfing practically started here ?!!

come on...