Monday, March 9, 2009


aloha sunshine lovers! 

hi, i am ashley and i am so excited to get to share with you some of the surfy-surf crafty-craft things i love.  i am not good at introductions or talking about myself but i will tell you this:  i love the ocean and all things in it, especially waves.  i love crafty handmade goodness.  i have terrible spelling and grammar.  and i don't take myself too seriously.   

if all goes as planned (and my junky internet connection holds up) katie and i are hoping to take turns on a weekly basis to send some sunshine your way via this sunny little internet niche.

    so lets let the fun begin...

want custom art, drawn just for you for $10?  i am currently really into this girls art.  her name is alicia and she will draw for you whatever you want on a 5x7 piece of paper or brown bag.  personally, i love the brown bag action.  i just happened to have $10 in my paypal a few weeks ago when i heard about her and i quickly emailed her ( requesting a mermaid (you will soon learn, and probably grow tired of my mermaid obsession).  a few days later i had a mermaid in my mail box and now it is on my wall.  go ahead, check out her blog and see if you can find my little mermaid there.  

if your looking for some fine art that is finely priced, check her out, you won't be sorry!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

yay ash! happy to see you on here :)

Mahina said...

i love that picture of you! awesome!

Brian Gomez said...

you got talent on photography!

Anonymous said...

How did you put it on the wall Ash? We have some similar drawings on brown paper we want to put up, but I dont know what to put it up with... I'm not liking the idea of framing.