Monday, July 27, 2009


the good day sunshine photo group

how to join:
-click here to be brought to the page. 
-click on where it says "join this group" and follow the directions to join.  
*if you don't have a flickr account you will need to make one, then you can upload pictures and add them to the group.  if i remember correctly, it's pretty easy.

how to add a picture to the group pool:
-once you have uploaded a picture, click on it.  
-you will be taken to that pictures page.  
-on the top of the picture click where it says "send to group"
a slide down menu will appear.  
-click on the good day sunshine group. 
-a pop up will say that the photo has been added, you ckick "ok" 
-you are done!  now we can all see what you have made and can appreciate how great you are!

so, don't be bashful- join in, everyone!  add as many pictures as you want of whatever you have made, we love it all!  tell your friends- the more, the merrier!  i think this is going to be a lot of fun. 


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

im a sun lover! woohoo!

Melissa said...

will definitely join AFTER I have finished up my lesson plans. I am procrastinating (obviously)

katie speed said...

i'm gonna join too! when i get back home....

The Trotter Family said...

Give me a little time and I will sign up too!