Thursday, July 2, 2009


i am left handed.  big deal right?  turns out as cool as i thought i was in elementary school for because i was different, being left handed makes things difficult at times.  take drawing with markers for instance- you should see my arm when i am done, it it a masterpiece in itself with all the colors smeared all over. 
what i really struggle with is using a rotary cutter.  you know one of these:
a fabric cutters dream, right?  not if you are left handed- the sides just don't line up well and it's frustrating.  i made up some really funky ways to cut with one but they got, well, funky.  so, i got a left handed cutter for myself ( of the gingher variety, on ebay for less than $20, in contrast to over $60 at joann's)  
and it is magic.  cutting is so much easier.  i had no idea that cutting could be so much fun.  and to think i had no idea that it existed a few months ago... hence sharing it with you.  if you are left handed, i highly recommend it! 


Heather said...

OHH! I'll have to get me one! I love being left-handed but there are some definite drawbacks!

Molly Malia said...

i think merrick is going to be a lefty...