Thursday, July 16, 2009

portable changing pad

There are always tons of baby showers to attend, and homemade gifts are always well received. For a few of my friends baby showers I have made a handy portable changing pad. They are very useful and it is fun to have a cute one! Here is how to make one for yourself, or a friend.

Materials needed: 
12" X 21" vinyl (2) 
12" X 21" flannel (3)
bias tape (binding)

*the narrower the bias tape the more difficult it is to bind the edge of the changing pad because the vinyl is slippery.

1. Cut vinyl, and flannel pieces to size.

2. Layer the vinyl and flannel pieces; vinyl, flannel X3, vinyl. 
(I used two different colors of flannel, one for each side of the changing pad. The third piece does not show and is just to provide a little extra padding without being bulky.)

3. Pin the bias tape around the edge. 
(Use lots of pins because the vinyl slips when sewing.) 

4. Sew around the edge, and you are done!


liko said...

sweet! where did you get your vinyl from? haven't looked for any yet, but these look pretty cool, and i saw a shower cap tutorial that requires vinyl that i'm thinking about making for my mom. haha!

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

shower cap? awesome idea liko! :)

i love this meg- so useful and stylish - just great! i remember being impressed with the one you made anna!

Meg said...

I got the vinyl at wal mart. I have not seen this floral print there in awhile though. They have clear, which is good to use, then you can pair it with a patterned fabric/flannel.

ashley said...

meg- do you change your settings on your machine to sew vinyl or just go for it?

Meg said...

I used to sew with vinyl a lot. Whenever the vinyl is the top fabric the presser foot would stick. It was really annoying and made it really hard to sew. So I glued a piece of felt to the bottom of my presser foot and then it slid nicely along the vinyl.

With this changing pad I use a normal presser foot because the bias tape is the top fabric. This makes it so the presser foot doesn't stick. I do use a thicker needle though, but that is all I change.

I hope this made sense and is helpful!