Thursday, July 23, 2009

the talented mr micah smith

i have a friend named jill.  she is married to a man named micah.  together they have created two lil munchkins i adore (and have not played with at the beach for tooo long).  and as it turns out, micah is a really talented artist.  i remember back in college he made this rad painting that had all his room mates in it as well as jill with crazy hair and i think she was surfing (correct me if i am wrong jill, it's been a while!)?   i was surprised, maybe because he is a hugely tall basketball player and i didn't think that a "jock" could create such things?  how narrow minded, right?  well, micah now has a blog and is open for business.  personally, i will be ordering a love umbrella painting, when i decide what colors i like.  where he really shines is wall murals- check these out:
amazing right?  so go check out his blog. he is awesome, and if we ever buy a house, he will be painting on my walls for sure!


Smiths said...

Hey Ashley thanks for the shout out. Yeah that painting I did in college stayed on the wall for like 3 years after I had already moved out. You could see it through the window everytime you stopped at that stop sign haha. Random.

Also, the flickr group sounds like a good idea, I would be down to share.


Heather said...

I love this!!!!