Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I found this moisturizer at the drug store and I love it! (most burts bees products are pretty good, right?) It feels nice and thin AND it has sunscreen in it. My newest fear is that I will look like leather in 10 years because I am always in the sun, so this calms my fears a bit.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

is this for your face or body? i have the burts bees face radiance cream and i really like it but it is kinda heavy and doesnt have spf15- i like that this one does cuz i love burts bees!

Haley said...

I do not want to burst anyones bubble but I used to like Burts Bees products because they were natural, but now they have been bought out by Clorox. Working in the natural foods and products industry has led me to not trust the companies when things like this happen. I just wanted you to know because it is so important that our bodies do not absorb all the harmful chemicals that end up in drugstore products. I love your blog, keep posting!

liko said...

yeah, i'm already looking like leather. i really like cetaphil moisturizing face lotion. i've been using it morning and night for years now...it's great. and i think there is some sunscreen in that, too.