Thursday, June 11, 2009

quilt tutorials

i love making quilts. i always have one in the works these days. currently i have two waiting for quilting and binding (and hopefully to be sold!).
and i think i have mentioned before, i am a sucker for a good tutorial. it is so fun to see pictures of a work in progress and see how it turns out. a cute girl named candace (sparkle power blog and etsy shop) posted about a little quilting tutorial from katie did that i am loving.  which means i have to start another quilt so i can learn how to use quilting pins and do some overlapping diagonal quilting.  what do you want to make?
(candace's quilts from the katie did tutorial)

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liko said...

oh, i love katie did. i love everything she makes especially all the clothes for her kids, and i saw that quilt tutorial of hers and it looks simple enough. some day i will make one.