Tuesday, June 2, 2009

santa cruz skatepark

I love Santa Cruz. Whenever we visit the mainland it is a priority to visit. One of the things we love to do when we are there is skate at this skatepark. It has northern California's first  17' full pipe! My favorite thing about the skatepark is that the bowl area is blue like the ocean, with the full pipe looking like a wave, and the street course is sand colored. So creative.

Check out their blog for more photos and videos and you can even buy a t-shirt!


J,D and Little B said...

We saw this on T.V the other day and Dan was practically drooling... he will be so jealous when he finds out that yall have been there

kara said...

holy freak!!!!! what the craziness!!!!!! so, i'm a party planner and i saw your party featured on 'party perfect'..it looked awesome..so of course, i click on the 'see more' link and find your party. i then see that it took place on 'the point'..and think, "that has to be in hawaii"..an lo and behold, i scroll down a bit and it is. then i think, "who are these cool people who live by the point in hawaii" {mind you, your face is covered up, so i had no idea it was you}..so i find the main blog address..type it in..scroll down a bit..AND THERE YOU ARE MEG!!! holy crap!
you better remember me or else! hehe. i was your roomie in the a frame when you and corbin were dating just in case you hit your head :). wowzers! it's been so long! i'm SOOOO freaking jealous that you're still in hawaii. what a small blogger world, huh?!