Tuesday, June 30, 2009


did you know that urban outfitters has 5 compilations for over 20 songs that you can download for free.  yes, free.  this was news to me, and i love news that has to do with getting things for free.  i have been internetting (made up word?) to the fifth compilation and i have to say i like it.  check out the free tunes (!) here.  
and while you are at it, take a gander at this sea fan jewler stand.  it's boss. 

and you might want to check out these hanging jar vases they look way too easy to DIY.  think i might have to bust out some metal hangers and old mason bottles to copy it!
also, dear and yonder has posted their tour dates (here) and you hawaiian wahines aren't left out this time (wish i was there to organize a girls night to go see it!)

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Molly Malia said...

i've made those before... i love them i used smaller ones and put a single dryed rose in it.