Monday, June 1, 2009

how to make a quite book

Aloha! I'm Meg. I love skating, surfing, sewing, art-making, Corbin and my baby's dimples. I'm excited to have been invited to be apart of this sun-shining blog! I hope I can inspire some of you because I know you inspire me.
Sometimes I am inspired to make things because I am too cheap to actually buy it. That was the case when I made this quiet book.

You can make one too!

1. Cut (6) 10"x8", and (2) 11.5"x8" pieces of heavy weight fabric. I used white canvas. The slightly larger pieces are for the cover and first and last pages. 

2. Gather the notions you have lying around your house; buttons, zippers, snaps, velcro, ribbons, shoe laces, etc...

3. Make words to match your notions. I actually printed onto muslin. I cut the muslin to the size of a piece of paper, then fused iron on material (found at fabric stores, used for applique) to the back of it, but I did not pull off the papery backing. Then fed it through my printer. It worked surprisingly well. I also printed a photo of my daughter to personalize the book.

4. Sew the notions/words onto the pages. Figuring out the order is a little tricky, I used folded pieces of paper to help me visualize it. (The word does not always match the notion it shares a page with, but when you place them all folded together like a book they will match up.) Kind of confusing I know.

5. Gather your pages and place right sides together and sew, leaving a hole for turning. Turn and top stitch near the edge of each page. You should end up with three double sided pages and a cover.

6. Take the cover and sew the pages onto it.

7. Enjoy hours of quiet entertainment!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

awesome!! thanks meg- i have wanted to make one of these for so long and you inspire me to just do it already!!!

J,D and Little B said...

You are totally RADICAL meg...that picture AND the quiet book!

liko said...

i am sooo excited to try and make one for some nieces and nephews!! thanks for sharing, meg!
oh, and that picture of you rocks!

ashley said...

woot woot

so glad your posting here meg!