Monday, June 8, 2009


a good friend of mine opened a quilting boutique in idaho a few months ago.  now, i know, idaho is quite aways away from me and most likely from you too.  but their online shop is up and running now!  they have tons of fun fabrics and cool books.  
the suppose blog is a fun read as well.  check out all the cool stuff she got to see first hand (and even touch-there is just something about quilts that needs touching for some reason!) at the pittsburgh spring quilt market.  i am so jealous, how fun would it be to be there? oh hello kaffi fasset and hi to you too amy butler!  like i said, so jealous!


Jo said...

thanks ash! what an awesome blog! i sooo wish you could come visit and have a sewing retreat with us!

AJ said...

i just love this blog. so much. so. you girls kick arse.